This is part of the human team responsible for Industrial M2M

Jordi Rey

Managing Director. CEO, Logitek

Josep Rodrigo

Josep Rodrigo

Application Consultant


Industrial M2M by Logitek knows the problems encountered by companies. That’s why we ensure that the solution we introduce is the most precise and competitive in the market. Just what you need to solve your problem.


We know that theory is not enough, and because of this our technical staff does not only excel, but they also have a long experience in Industrial M2M. That’s the only way for us to provide a holistic vision of each particular case: the maximum efficiency is achieved with the maximum adaptation to the causes.


What would happen if you deal with one of the very best in some area but he or she is not available for your company? We are sure that you have experienced this situation before; however, in Industrial M2M this will never happen. We are always available.


OK, now you know that we will always be there for your company. But, did it ever happen to you that, even having accessibility to the technical staff you did understand nothing? We speak to be understood, we don’t hide behind technical jargon. In Industrial M2M, everything has to be crystal clear.

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