Why Industrial M2M?

Because Industrial M2M by Logitek increases the efficiency and profitability of your company.

What is M2M?

Industrial M2M is the technology that allows us to know changes in machines and facilities and helps us to take the most suitable decisions to reduce operating costs (energy, maintenance, etc.), optimize business processes, comply with regulations and provide services to the people. This technology is based on signal gathering, machine control and the communication of all these data using new or existing telecom infrastructures – public or private – efficiently towards SCADA or management systems.

This technology offers huge opportunities but there are many technology challenges to be overcome for the proper operation of the systems. That’s why Logitek offers an experience more than 30 years long in industrial control systems, the best practices and industry standards, along with the latest technology news in Industrial M2M systems.

Which are the benefits provided by M2M technologies?


  1. Reduction in energy costs and consumption
    • Allows us to know the consumptions of ours utilities/machines/factories within a context
    • Allows us to execute orders about consumer systems relating to calendars or contexts
    • Allows us to establish energy savings policies
  2. Reduction in maintenance costs:
    • Savings in unnecessary travels
      • Assure whether the operation requires travel
      • Remote operation
    • Higher productivity in maintenance and fault operations
      • Intervention of specialized personnel (mechanical, electrical, computing)
      • Intervention of the personnel located closer to the issue
      • Ensure the exact work time on maintenance and fault reports
      • Assistance to field personnel by specialists in remote (remote access by means of telematics connection, cameras, etc.)
    • Improvement in productive maintenance
      • Monitor the machine operation (vibrations, temperatures, etc.) to know in advance which part is going to fail and when (i.e., Condition Monitoring)


  • Real-time monitoring and reporting for the best decision taking
  • Increase efficiency
  • Productive models: recognition of work patterns on our systems to anticipate its effects.



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