Logitek Industrial M2M

Help us to improve the communication between machines and facilities in the industry.
Why does M2M technology enable and improve productivity in your company?

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Do you want to know how you can get your company or infrastructure more efficient?

We enable the communication between devices and infrastructures

Machines must talk between themselves, and it is up to us to enable this communication. We provide specific technologies and services that allow knowing changes made in machines and facilities and helping us to take the most suitable decisions for businesses and people.


Services in Industrial M2M


Comunicaciones en entornos complejosCommunications in Complex Environments-b

Communications in Complex Environments

Selection and configuration of the most efficient network for the M2M system
Multi-Technology IntegrationMulti-Technology Integration-b

Multi-Technology Integration

Data collection of multiple systems is a key in M2M
Data Storage and ConsolidationGestión por excepción-b

Data Storage and Consolidation

Selection, filtering and consolidation of strictly necessary data only.
Management by ExceptionManagement by Exception-b

Management by Exception

PUSH devices are active when necessary only. They are highly efficient.
Mobility and AlertsMobility and Alerts-b

Mobility and Alerts

Real-time response from anywhere in the world.

3 Key Sectors in Industrial M2M

Smart City

There is no intelligence without dialogue; that’s why M2M communication is a must in smart cities



M2M communications are the backbone for systems allowing remote control in real-time



Is there any industry not depending on its machines? Optimize the efficiency with Industrial M2M.

How can I improve the communications between devices?

In other words, how can you benefit from M2M technology to improve communications between machines and infrastructures in your industry?